Now to begin with, Kishimoto stated whenever Naruto ended that he had already began planning his new manga saying that it was going to surpass even Naruto.

He guaranteed that Naruto’s success was an accident and he didn’t mean for it to happen so rapidly, however with his new work he was preaching that it would indeed become bigger than Naruto.

It is now 2017, and Kihsimoto’s plans have changed. From saying he is done with Naruto and wants to move onto his new manga, Kishimoto recently stated that he is working alongside:

  • The Naruto Live Action Film with Lions Gate
  • Boruto : Naruto Next Generations Supervisor with assistant and illustrator, Ikemoto
  • As well as the Boruto Anime alongside of Studio Pierrot

Now I’m no person that should tell anyone what to do, but Kishimoto seems to have his schedule pretty filled up! Not to mention he stated again that he will make Boruto even better than Naruto. So, not only is his time and energy focused on Boruto, does that mean Kishimoto is done with his other manga? Or do you think he will stop assisting in the Boruto department to work on his new manga.