To begin with, from what we have seen and know already, is that Konoha is in fact destroyed with Naruto being the last Hokage on the monument

This is simply an indication or prediction of what is likely to happen after the Boruto : Naruto the Movie, movie. But, what is also known is that Konohamaru and Sarada both want to be Hokage. And they’re pushing it extremely hard that Sarada wants to be the Hokage. as of now, we have no indication on where Sarada, Konohamaru, Naruto, and any other villagers whereabouts other than Boruto and Kawaki.

Everyone else is unaccounted for until we get the next chapter of Boruto outside of the movie.

With Naruto being the 7th Hokage, the last Hokage presented on the mountain, and Kawaki telling Boruto he will send Boruto to “meet the seventh,” we can come to the assumption and estimate that there will be some sort of significant change in the formula of the Naruto franchise and the way the world is governed.