Yuri-Ten (Girls’ Love Exhibition), is a yearly event highlighting the yuri genre and the subculture in Japan.

The theme of the exhibition this year is “love and friendship between girls“, and will host artwork from 18 famous yuri manga artists and photographers.

Eagle-eyed otakus attending the Tokyo exhibition in Ikebukuro Marui spotted a poster for an as-of-yet unannounced anime adaptation of a popular yuri manga.

This is a poster for an anime adaptation of “Asagao to Kase-san“. It features the two lead characters, Yui Yamada (a shy and clumsy girl) and Tomoka Kase (the athletic track star), enjoying a moment together in their school’s flower garden. The poster also reveals the director and key animator for this adaptation.Takuya Satou Key; Animation: Kyuta Sakai

It will be directed by, Takuya Satou who also directed shows like Steins;Gate, Sukitte Ii na yo, and Selector Infected WIXOSS. The key animator position will be held by Kyuta Sakai who was the chief animation director and character designer for Re:Zero, Steins;Gate and Strawberry Panic.