To begin with, episode 8 introduced us back to Toneri, who is originally from, The Last – Naruto the Movie. Toneri is from the side branch under Hamura’s descendants and is of Otstustuki lineage. Toneri’s goal in The Last was to obtain the Byakugan to awaken the Tenseigan.

Towards the end of the movie he was defeated and planted to stay on the moon forever to tone for his sins. However why would they bring him back in Boruto’s story? Well, i/ll explain why!

Introducing Toneri back into the series can alter a few things but define the story even more and answer some questions. For one, in the Boruto manga and in the Boruto movie, we clearly see that Boruto’s eye doesn’t appear (almost as if he doesn’t have it anymore). If you remember from the movie, when toner got defeated his Tenseigan disappeared.