This interview contains spoilers for anime Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II as well as spoilers of both the game series and the novels.

Yosuke Futami is a man deeply involved with worldwide hit Sword Art Online. He's been a producer on both seasons of the anime--as well as the upcoming theatrical film--and is one of the key visionaries for the franchise's video game series. But just how did his relationship with the franchise begin?

"Five or six years ago, [...] I was wondering what to do after Oreimo," Futami began as we talked in Tokyo late last month. "Well, the Sword Art Online and Oreimo novels share the same editor--and because they share the same editor I couldn't believe [Sword Art Online] would be a bust. It turned out to be quite interesting." After devouring the novels, Futami requested to be a producer on the 2012 anime and soon joined the production staff.

Alongside the production of the anime, the committee decided to make a tie-in game as well. Futami, with his now in-depth knowledge of the source material, was the natural choice for the role of producer there as well.