"One Punch Man" Season 2 release date has been highly anticipated by anime fans. To go along with its confirmed release this year, a possible new look of Saitama has been reported online.

The Japanese hit anime is scheduled for release this year, according to Anime News Network. It was announced during the "One Punch Man Fall Festival" event back in 2016. However, despite the release confirmation, exact air date is yet to be confirmed. Thus, paving ways for speculations and rumors to proliferate online.

Based on a separate report, it was highlighted that "OPM" could potentially be released in the mid-year. To somehow substantiate the claim, the previous release date of the anime's English dub was in July 2016. Thus, strengthening the mid-year release projection.

Moreover, various social media platforms and forum sites have also mentioned of a potentially drastic change to the main character of the "One Punch Man." As most speculations online would suggest, Saitama will be putting down his old iconic yellow costume over something else.

The costume is yet to be presented online. However, suggestions of fans vary from an inclusion of wig or sort of a hair piece, down to a more futuristic costume.

Meanwhile, other fans have expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for "OPM" and other animes through parodies. The vast imagination of fans and enthusiasts led to the creation of Goku vs. Saitama, now dubbed as Anime War, according to Comic Book.

In the said parody video, Saitama was seen fighting Goku in order to gain the A-rank hero. The battle started with a fist fight, which later on turned into a duel of speed and super strength. The match progressed with Saitama having the upper hand, while Goku was pushed towards his limits. Thus, leading the great Saiyan warrior to question whether Saitama is even a human.