Idea Factory began streaming the opening video on Sunday for its Hakuōki Shinkai: Fūkaden PlayStation 4 game. The video confirms the game's July 13 release date in Japan. The video also previews Aika Yoshioka's theme song "Isshin: Chi no Hate Made."

The game is a port of Idea Factory's Hakuōki Shinkai PlayStation Vita games. The games are made up of Hakuōki Shinkai: Kaze no Shō and its sequel Hakuōki Shinkai: Hana no Shō. The game's website explains that the port will take the two separate works and collect them as one game. (The "Fūkaden" in the game's title contains the characters for both "kaze" and "hana").

Hakuōki Shinkai: Kaze no Shō shipped in Japan in September 2015. Hakuōki Shinkai: Hana no Shō shipped in June 2016. Both games remake the original Hakuōki Shinsengumi Kitan 2008 PlayStation 2 game, but each game tackles different parts of the story. Kaze no Shō features the storyline in Kyōto, and Hana no Shō features the storyline in Edo.