The two part story across episodes 73 and 74 follows Gohan’s adventure surrounding the making of a Great Saiyaman movie. At first, Gohan has nothing directly to do with the project–after all, the public had no idea he was the titular superhero a few years back. However, as Mr. Satan is a co-star in the film, Gohan, along with Videl and Pan, get to go on set.

As a child and teen, Gohan was instrumental in saving not only the world but arguably the entire galaxy. However, with the defeat of Buu, he gave up on the martial artist life and focused on becoming a respectable husband and father. While certainly willing to stand up and fight for the sake of the world, it’s clear by what we see in these two episodes, that he is fighting for Pan more than anything else.While nostalgic for his time as a superhero–it led him to meet his future wife after all–he decides to do the movie not for himself, but for his daughter. Gohan wants to show Pan that he did something cool in his otherwise mundane adult life as a teacher.