Boruto anime has been running for about 2 months now, and we still have a lot of information to grasp on. The first couple f episodes were simple introductory ones, where they introduced the next generation of Shinobi. As you all probably know, in episode 5, Mitsuki was introduced. He came to Konoha as a transfer student from Otogakure.

He further goes on to say that Boruto is the only one who can see the dark chakra, and that he will be continuing the investigation over it.

Does it mean Mitsuki is trying to get to to center of the dark chakra facade as well? Maybe. But for now, it seems like his transfer to Konoha is just a cover up for something more secretive that is related to the dark chakra.

When you think about who Mitsuki could be talking to, there is only one person who comes to mind. Orochimaru.Yes. I’m not saying Orochimaru will make his return as a Villain in Boruto. But, he may know something about this dark chakra. So, it is possible that he is investigating it, and that’s why Mitsuki is at Konoha.Whether that is is the case or not may remain a question, but Mitsuki certainly is up to something that requires serious attention. For now, it looks like the mystery about the dark chakra will be unraveled soon. We may even get some new information about it during the next episode.