"Assassination Classroom" season 2 ended with Koro-sensei's death in the hands of his students but there will be a third season for the anime. This time, however, the story will focus on the spinoff featuring popular characters in the first two seasons. The spin-off based on the manga "Koro-sensei Q" will air right after the movie adaptation of the series "Assassination Classroom: 365 Days."

"Assassination Classroom" Season 3

After going through grueling lessons and tough training under the infamous Koro-sensei, Class E makes the unanimous decision to kill their teacher. In "Assassination Classroom" season 2 finaleKoro-sensei lost much of his power after going head to head with the Reaper and Yanasigawa. With their teacher's current state, every student in Class E performs the mission that they have all been training for -- kill Koro-sensei to prevent the earth from being destroyed. Everyone holds down their teacher and right after his final roll call, Nagisa deals the killing blow.