Naruto, best-Selling Japanese comic is to end next month after 15 Years. Take a look back at the legendary, popular, alwaying touching manga. What does it show to us and why we love it so much for such a long period of time in our lives? Alok Kumar Singh on quora tells a heartfelt answer.

1. Character development:

Character development:

It is because of the awesome character development they have focused upon, during the whole series so far. Every main character portrayed in Naruto series, has his/her own story. They don't just come and go away. Every character has a dark past behind what they are today. This character development, binds the viewers with the story. They grow along with the character.

2. Antagonists:


Even the villains/antagonists portrayed in this anime series, are likeable because they all have their own well-justified reasons choosing the darker path of destruction and hatred.

Example: Kabuto, Obito