Almost every anime has them, their cute, adorable fluffball sideparts, travel/fighting alongside our heros. So why not gather all of them together and compare them?

5. Sadaharu (Gintama)

Sadaharu (Gintama)

The most funny pet ever. He's always a blast. A dog you can always count on fighting alongside you....or biting your head off XD

Which ones are your favorites?

4. Plue (Rave Master / Fairy Tail)

Plue (Rave Master / Fairy Tail)

Well.... He's a dog....thing XD Despite his look he plays a major role in Rave, being one of the mystery keys of the series. And he's probably the only character being part in two different anime's XD

3. Terry (Toriko)

Terry (Toriko)

Probably the most powerful pet ever. Still, he's very loyal towards Toriko and has his cute moments too. + He's faster then a plane, that's very useful XD