Are you a fan of intense, nail-biting gunfights and action scenes? Then you've come to the right list, full of gunslingers galore! Check out our list of top 10 best gun action anime. But be careful, they're armed!

10. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

This one has the feel of a 90s action/cop movie. Surprisingly, the show does pay lot of details to the weapons and firearms used despite the over the top-ness. The show also does an excellent job creating characters and leaves plenty of room for glorious action scenes.

In general, Black Lagoon lights the screen up with constant gun battles every episode. The crew that we follow take on Nazis, Yakuza, gangsters, and assassins in glorious and brutal battles on a frequent basis it would seem.

9. Jormungand


With the primary relationship taking place between a child soldier and an arms dealer, of course there was bound be a lot of guns. Just the physical amount of guns present in the show is insane. 

Considering the scope of the underworld presented, the show rightfully takes on a lot of blood and gore. Every second of the show is like a scene with bullets raining down and bodies being ripped apart. It's absolutely perfect for someone who has a craving for action packed thrillers. 

8. Trigun


How could you not expect showdowns with guns when thrown into a setting that is essentially the Wild West. Practically everyone carries a gun, and with a $60,000,000 reward tacked to his name, it's no wonder why most are pointed at Vash. 

As a result, bullets fly at a constant rate and Vash with his no kill attitude tends to make the fight sequences last quite a while.