No matter what holidays you celebrate, November and December are the months for family. You go home, you eat food, you argue about your obsession with Japanese “cartoons”, and then retreat to different corners of the house to get separately drunk. Good times, right?

1. The Izumi’s – Lucky Star

The Izumi’s – Lucky Star

The Izumi family is the least dysfunctional family on our list, but they are still pretty odd. With a dead mother, a bachelor father is left to raise his otaku and increasingly odd daughter on his own. 

However, while that is fairly standard, if not commendable that he actually stuck with her, he does have a nasty hobby as a lecher and seems particularly fond of his daughter’s school friends.

2. The Yagami’s – Death Note

The Yagami’s – Death Note

If you count obliviousness as functional, than the mother and sister in the Yagami family are perfectly normal. However, it is the boys that really rend this family asunder. 

One major dynamic in Death Note is that Light’s father is the one hunting down Kira while Light is actually the killer. His father’s faith in his son blinds him to the evidence and eventually gets him killed. 

However, the biggest dysfunction in the Yagami family must come after the series ends. With Soichiro dead, Light gunned down by the cops, and Light’s sister near comatose with trauma, I’d imagine it would have wrecked the mother in every way.