The bulk of every anime season consists of adaptations of manga! Hyped sequels (like Attack on Titan Season 2) and anticipated shows (like Fukumenkei Noise) are all airing in Spring 2017! Maybe your favorite manga is getting an adaptation.

1. Attack on Titan Season 2

Genre: Action / Drama/ Fantasy

Studio: Wit Studio

Premier: April 1

Quick pitch: Eren continues to hone his Titan powers while a horde of Titans approach Wall Rose. The Survey Corp will learn the origins of their enemy, face new threats, and discover the history behind the walls that protect humanity.

2. My Hero Academia Season 2

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Superhero

Studio: Bones

Premier: April 1

Quick pitch: U.A.’s Sports Festival: it’s an event that gives the students a chance to showoff their quirks to a large audience and to get recruited by a hero agency. Everything culminates with a battle tournament, as friends face off to win the top prize.

3. Busou Shoujo Machiavellism (Armed Girl’s Machiavellism)

Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance

Studio: Silver Link

Premier: April 5

Quick pitch: The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy was originally an all-girl school. After becoming co-ed, the girls were permitted to carry weapons out of fear of being harassed by boys. The tradition has stuck for generations, and now troubled boys are sent to school to be punished by “The Supreme Five Swords.”