One of the walls to relationships is communication. Depending on who you are, you may find your significant other opens up too much, not enough, doesn’t really listen, or just complains all day. This is especially an issue with guys, who are stereotyped as being poor listeners. But hey, a Japanese idol offered some help during an appearance on Music Station.

Minami Takahashi is a former member of AKB48, and was a part of the group’s signature lineup for singles and performances. She also decided to lend a helping hand to guys that are having a tough time talking to women.

Takahashi said there are three simple phrases that will help guys get popular, especially when a girl is talking about her problems.


“I see.”

“That sounds like a really difficult situation.”

“When a girl is talking  about her problems, these three phrases are all you need.” Takahashi explained, “While it’s a good thing to have empathy for a girl, haven’t you noticed how guys say what their take on the situation, their conclusion is? Why do they do that? I think that’s why they’re not popular with girls.”

If this sounds a little odd or far-fetched, just know that science and sociology are on Takahashi’s side. In a poll of 1,000 women, 53% of them said “listening” was a desirable practice trait in men. Unfortunately, a separate poll revealed that 33% of women think pets make better listeners than men.