Hey everyone! Today’s list is about the best Princes in the Anime World. This list is based on my personal opinion, and not all of them are great, as I may have missed out on a few. Anyway, let’s get started on the list.

5. Prince Endymion

Prince Endymion

Prince Endymion from is from the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal. He the man who scarifies every single thing for love, even his own life. Every time he tries to help Serenity’s Reign and fights bravely. He has the quality, heart and personality of a good prince.

4. Cecil Ajima

Cecil Ajima

Cecil Ajima is a cusred prince from the anime Uta No Prince-sama. His curse turns him into a cat, and only a kiss of a true love can break it. He fell in love with the girl named,m Haruka and he helps her many times in his cat forms. He also cares about the people’s feeling, he also is humble and modest since he is a cat.