We live in a truly golden age. The anime flows forth from every crack in the earth — well, we have online portals like Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu where we can access hundreds and hundreds of titles on demand anytime we desire.

1. All too often will an episode end on a gripping cliffhanger

All too often will an episode end on a gripping cliffhanger

And damn, you just gotta see more! Getting so invested in the story and the characters gracing the screen before you, only to have them torn away after 23 minutes; it can be agonizing. “But Mike, considering that the show airs on TV on a week-by-week basis, that’s how it’s intended to be consumed!” Well, I would agree with you there (try telling that to a certain someone). It can serve as a double-edged sword for the creators of a series; their hope is that you turn into someone like this, but what if we end up with something kind of dull? I would say that if the episode ends are planned well, they will be successful in grabbing your attention and keeping you coming back week after week. However, with some anime there is the definite risk of…

2. The show losing your attention

The show losing your attention

And perhaps undeservedly! Not all anime is created equal, and some will flow at a slower pace than others, perhaps even intentionally. If not home to high action and drama, hopefully another aspect such as characters and their development is at the forefront to keep your attention. Sometimes, the formula of a slow-burning slice-of-life comedy is best suited for those binge watch sessions to keep the laughs coming. And even if a show is plodding through a slow patch, you will at least in your mind progress through it at a much quicker pace when watching in one sitting. It’s almost as if shows should come with a warning label: “Hey, this anime should be watched in one fell swoop!”