There is nothing quite as tragic as forbidden love. Due to social standings, war, or racism, it is an element that adds an interesting flair to love stories.

Incest is the most common use of the trope, but we want to explore other uses (mostly) of forbidden love. Get ready to shed a tear or two in the process!

1. Romeo x Juliet

Romeo x Juliet

Quick pitch: Based on Williams Shakespeare’s classical play Romeo and Juliet.

On the floating island of Neo Verona, the Montague family leads a deadly coup against the Capulet family. 14 years later, Juliet is the sole surviving member of the Capulet family, and fights against the Montague as a masked vigilante named “Red Whirlwind.” Her life changes after meeting Romeo, a kind prince of the Montague family. However, seeds of retribution and violence are in motion.

2. Basilisk


Quick pitch: The Iga Tsubagakure and the Kouga Manjidani are two rival ninja clans, and have been in a blood feud spanning centuries. A tenuous cease fire was created due to the two clans being conscripted to serve the Shogun. Peace is destroyed after the Shogun announces his retirement, leaving his seat for one of his grandsons. The two clans support a different grandson, and agree to send 10 of their best ninja to partake in a blood battle to determine the new shogun.

This rekindled feud threatens the love of Oboro and Gennosuke. Finding themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield in a fight they want no part of, they must choose to kill the person they love or to destroy their own clan.

3. Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy

Quick pitch: Miki Koshikawa’s life is turned upside down after learning her parents are getting a divorce after a trip to Hawaii. The strange thing is that her parents are swapping partners with a couple they met while on the trip. In order to include Miki in the decision, her parents invite her to a dinner party to meet the couple and their son. After meeting her handsome step-brother Matsuura Yuu, Miki thinks she can adjust to the new situation, but never planned on developing feelings for Matsuura.